Whenua Māori Fund - Round 3 is Open

Is your trust considering commercial development possibilities?  Please consider applying for assistance under the Whenua Māori Fund, which is currently open to receive applications and closes at 5pm on Friday 17 February 2017.

Māori Freehold Land
The application must be made by the owner(Ahu Whenua Trust | Māori Incorporation | Block with 7 owners or less) and relate to a Māori freehold land block/s.  If you are seeking to engage other Māori Land owners – letters of support to the proposal from owners would be required. A clearly written proposal about the activities and the activity costings is very helpful when assessing the application.

Key criteria

  • Māori land owner driven – the proposal and application is completed by the land owner as opposed to the provider.  Also the proposal and application should refer to or demonstrate land owner decision making (e.g. reference to a trust meeting resolution).  Core support information is vesting order for your entity and annual financial reports
  • Planning for a pre-commercial activity with intent to improve Māori land productivity – feasibility investigations, market analysis and/or business case re a land based activity.  If the the proposal is a follow up to a first stage feasibility report therefore the proposal should provide copies of the relevant sections or a copy of the report itself; &
  • Build people capability of owners– activities such as wānanga, workshops, working bees that connect to improving land owner understanding and input into the decision making re the land based activity outcomes.  The discussion re: administration options would apply in this context – governance options to future proof the administration of the development and owner aspirations.

Although it is not a key criteria of the Fund – it is encouraged that a proposal demonstrate a collective, collaborative or cooperative approach with other Māori land owners and/or blocks. The intention of this approach is to incentivise information sharing and build capability across a region. 

If you are needing further information about the Fund:

  • Contact your regional Te Puni Kōkiri office
  • Contact TPK on Freephone: 0800 200 410 or Email: whenuamaorifund@tpk.govt.nz,
  • Check out the TPK website 
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