Whangarei District Council Decision on Plan Change 94B - Papakāinga

Whangarei District Council decided to accept the Hearing Panel’s recommendation at its Planning and Development Committee Meeting on Thursday 16 March 2017, to approve the Plan Change and also to accept the Hearing Panel’s recommendation on the submissions and further submissions received on Plan Change 94B - Papakāinga.

The decision will be notified in The Leader on Wednesday, 22 March 2017 and submitters may lodge an appeal with the Environment Court in regard to any matter or matters to which they made a submission or further submission, within 30 working days of service of the decision on the submitter.

A copy of the Notice of Decision, Appeal Information Sheet, Extract of Minutes, Mailing List and Recommendations of the Hearing Panel are available on the WDC website.

What this will mean for Māori land owners in the Whangarei District is that papakāinga will be a permitted activity on Maori land (no resource consent required, which eliminates costly resource consent fees and public notification), and a restricted discretionary activity on general land with an ancestral link. For whānau to further their aspirations for papakāinga, they will be required to produce an outline development plan that reflects their whanau/beneficiary aspirations, and that demonstrates that the whenua can sustain what they are proposing. Essentially - an overall masterplan and accompanying engineering reports.

Great news for Māori landowners in Te Tai Tokerau!



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