Invitation to pitch to HNZC

20 JUN 2017

Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZ) are looking to partner with suppliers, service providers and/or developers in the market to deliver new and innovative solutions that contribute towards HNZ’s objectives of: 

• increasing the pace and scale of housing supply, particularly in the Auckland region; 
• improving the quality of our homes; and
• making best use of our homes.

They are doing this in order to contribute to HNZ’s goal of producing the right mix of quality homes in the right location to meet demand and tenant needs. This includes existing tenants, as well as first home buyers and those in the market for affordable housing.

This Invitation to Pitch (ITP) is a new procurement initiative under which HNZ is soliciting ideas and proposals (Pitches) from potential suppliers and partners who can assist HNZ by proposing new and innovative solutions to add to their existing arrangements. In running this procurement process, HNZ does not have any prescribed views about the types of pitches they want to receive. Rather, HNZ is open to receiving a range of new ideas, from new housing developments, to innovative methods to maintain our current housing stock, to ways to improve the support available their tenants.

Examples of the types of pitches HNZ would welcome are as follows:

  •  development proposals;
  •  mixed ownership developments that contribute to the supply of affordable homes;
  •  solutions to reduce build costs;
  • high density and high need tenancy management (including design options);
  • partnerships for the provision of aged-care services; and
  • small-to-medium-scale leasing opportunities with iwi and/or community providers.

Go here to read more:

Invitation to Pitch - 7 June 2017 release (FINAL).pdf

Invitation to Pitch Appendix B - 7 June 2017 release (Final).pdf