National Māori Housing Conference 2010 - Summary Report

A key purpose of the National Mori Housing Conference was to invite an open discussion about housing issues by and for Mori. It provided a time and place to collectively consider how best to address housing issues for and by Mori, exploring local innovative solutions as a basis for the mahi of weaving together a vision and strategy to lead Mori community housing into the future.

The conference brought together grassroots leaders, experts, specialists and advocates. It brought together a crosssection of people from across the community to discuss issues, showcase and celebrate Mori Housing success and innovation across Aotearoa, and created a space to share ideas, resources and knowledge, to learn from each other, to build connections, in a spirit of Manaaki Tangata, Whanaungatanga, Rangatiratanga and Kaitiakitanga.

The conference also provided an opportunity for Mori architects, engineers and people working in iwi social service agencies to compare notes on what sort of homes Mori want and need and the assistance required to get them. It provided a reason to celebrate the concerted efforts of whnau, hap, iwi and other community organisations that have shown sustained commitment to meeting Mori housing needs.