Cross-party Homelessness Inquiry Submission

This inquiry was launched by Labour, Green and Māori Parties after National MPs turned down Opposition requests for a Parliamentary select committee inquiry into the issue.

The terms of reference for the inquiry are:

  • Consider whether the official definition of homelessness needs updating, and recommend accordingly.
  • Assess the evidence on the current scale of homelessness, whether it is changing and how, and what the causes of that change might be.
  • Evaluate possible policy responses to homelessness, including international best practice, and recommend accordingly.
  • Consider how homelessness is experienced by different groups in society and evaluate policy responses that respond to that experience. For example, Maori experience of homelessness and Maori-led initiatives to respond
  • Hear public submissions and expert evidence, particularly from those directly affected by homelessness and their advocates, and issue a written report.