TIP # 3 - Costs of Buying a Whare [Video]

Inez White is an indigenous Land Specialist and property valuer. Her company teaches whanau how to buy their own homes through the WHATUkainga programme.

Wanting to know how much you need to save in addition to your deposit and Kiwisaver? You need to budget for extra costs not just the deposit. Buying a house can involve a number of professionals, each who have a fee that needs to be paid before you own the house. With Smart negotiation and planning, sometimes you can get these fees due on the day you take ownership and have them paid by your bank, or from your Homestart Grant. The 'Smart Negotiation' is where Indigenuity Limited NZ comes in with our Whatukainga (private) service (starting at $350 to get you going). But if you can figure it out yourself, then awesome! That's what we want - a country of knowledgable empowered families.