Tauranga National Māori Housing Conference 2016 - Robert Byers (Canada)

Robert Byers | Little Black Bear First Nations | President & Chief Executive Officer - Namerind Housing Corporation

Presentation to the National Māori Housing Conference 2016, held in Tauranga Moana

Robert Byers is a proud Canadian from the Little Black Bear Cree Nation. He is President and Chief Executive Officer of Namerind Housing Corporation, a not-for-profit Aboriginal housing provider in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Prior to his work with Namerind, Robert had a long career in residential and commercial construction and procurement.  Robert is a father of three and also has two adorable grandchildren. He loves art, adventure, delicious foods and annually takes a three week driving vacation across North America. He serves on the Board of Trustees for the MacKenzie Art Gallery, is a member of the City of Regina Mayor’s Housing Commission, serves on the Regina Community Advisory Board for the Homelessness Partnering Strategy and is Board Member of the Canadian Housing Renewal Association where he chairs their Aboriginal Caucus. In his spare time, he enjoys watching ice hockey and playing golf.

In his presentation 'Community Development' Robert spoke about his unorthodox background, and how Namerind Housing Corporation has grown significantly over the last 10 years. Robert also shared stories of the successes and failures that he experienced while pursuing financial sustainability. He demonstrated how dealing with diversity and coming up with creative solutions, especially when you have little money, has taken Namerind to where it is today. All focussed on the betterment of the community.