The material wellbeing of NZ households

The 2017 Household Incomes Report has been released. They include research on the ongoing housing costs and housing quality New Zealanders are experiencing. It was prepared by Bryan Perry for the Ministry of Social Development.

The Report showed that the poorest households were spending 51 percent of their incomes on housing, up from 29 percent in 1990. It found child poverty rates were either flat or falling, depending on how it is measured. About 155,000 children, or 14 percent, were living in poverty in 2015 and 2016, down from a peak of 200,000 hit during the Global Financial Crisis.

It also found the number of children living in severe material hardship has dropped from 100,000 in 2011 to 70,000. However, the report found the "working poor" remained an issue in New Zealand, with an estimated one third to one half of children in hardship coming from working families. Overall, median household incomes have risen 3 percent, inflation adjusted in the 12 months to June. Read more from CHA here and/or by following the link to the MSD website.