Te Matapihi operates as an independent voice for the Māori housing sector. We perform systems advocacy to promote and improve opportunities for Māori to develop their land for housing and improve their housing situations.

We regularly produce submissions on issues relevant to the Māori housing sector, submit articles for publication that provide insight into important issues relating to our sector, and provide commentary on topical issues in the Media through our nominated spokesperson. 


Systems advocacy seeks to influence positive long-term changes to systems that support and respond to the needs Māori individuals and communities, so that the rights and interests of Māori in relation to housing and whenua rangatiratanga are upheld.

This can include influencing:

  • The creation of new laws or changes to current laws
  • The priorities and plans of government and non-government agencies
  • The policies and procedures that relate to services or systems
  • The way in which government and non-government agencies provide services

Generally, we carry out systems advocacy, not advocacy for individuals. However, the issues and experiences of individuals inform the focus of our work.

Individual matters provide us with examples and help us to work out:

  • Areas of concern within the community or wider sector
  • Serious problems with National systems
  • Issues that could be addressed through our systems advocacy work


Individual advocacy is about supporting people to exercise their rights by providing personal support to:

  • Voice their concerns
  • Access information
  • Solve any issues of concern
  • Identify available options

Need direct advocacy support? You can contact one of the organisations listed below, or contact us here and we will put you in touch with someone who can help.

Community Housing Aotearoa
Auckland Community Housing Providers Network
Tenants Protection Association (Christchurch)
Tenants Protection Association (Auckland)
NZ Coalition to End Homelessness


Te Matapihi regularly submits articles for publication that provide insight into and commentary on important issues relating to our sector and our organisation's current activities.