Media Release: Te Matapihi committed to working with the next government to support Māori housing outcomes

25 September 2017

As the various political parties work together to negotiate the formation of the 52nd New Zealand Government, Te Matapihi would like to reiterate our interest in and commitment to working with whoever forms government under MMP, to bring expediency and certainty to Māori housing.

In completing our policy analysis in the lead up to the election, we were encouraged to see a great deal of convergence in policy approaches to addressing housing issues and homelessness, with broad general agreement across the parties to support our most vulnerable, and stabilise the
housing market to ensure secure and affordable housing for all.

With the loss of the Māori Party as an independent voice in parliament, we believe the role of Iwi
Chairs and independent advocates such as ourselves is more critical than ever. We look forward to working closely with the housing technical group to ensure a joined up strategic approach to
advocating for better Māori housing outcomes.