HLC commits to the delivery of Māori Housing Outcomes

The HLC board of trustees has signed off on six Māori housing outcomes principles to help address the growing needs within the Māori housing sector.

The principles were developed by HLC’s Māori Outcomes team in consultation with mana whenua, and from the feedback provided by the 300-plus attendees at the National Māori Housing Conference in November, 2018.

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Who are HLC?

  • HLC is wholly owned subsidiary of Housing New Zealand responsible for master planning and managing large scale development projects. The developments will include a mix of state houses as well as affordable and market homes. But getting the houses built on its own is not enough. HLC’s goal is to create greater places to live

  • Housing New Zealand is one of the largest residential landowners and much of this land can be utilised better. It makes sense to build on this land to create more homes for New Zealanders

  • That means adding to the urban environment in a way that is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable for the people who will make those communities their home

  • The first six of the large scale projects to get underway will deliver around 25,000 homes over the next 10years. See https://hlc.co.nz/ website for further information around these projects!

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