Weekly News List: Housing - 19th of August

Mouldy, damp homes linked to respiratory infection hospitalisations

via RNZ

A research team that checked the houses of sick children for mould and dampness has provided more proof bad housing in New Zealand is linked to childhood disease. Read more…


The Far North social agency putting people into their own 'recycled' homes

via Stuff

Ex-state rentals from Auckland are being bussed in to provide much-needed housing in Northland. But bureaucracy is slowing the work down, says the man behind the plan. Read more…


Hamilton-Auckland 'urban growth partnership' to be signed off by ministers, mayors

via NZ Herald

The country's first urban growth partnership will see co-ordinated development between Auckland and Hamilton, is set to be signed off by Government ministers, local mayors and mana whenua today. Read more…


Government announces $54 million to help keep people off the streets

via NZ Herald

A new $54 million of Government funding to tackle homelessness will see at-risk people holding onto their homes "by their fingernails" kept off the streets, community groups say. Read more…


Potatoes vs property: Govt proposes rules to slow development on farm land

via NZ Herald

The Government has proposed new rules to limit urban development on the country's most productive farm land. Read more…

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