Weekly News List: Housing - 29th of July

Government to transform Resource Management Act to increase affordable housing

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The Government is moving to transform the nebulous Resource Management Act (RMA), the main law that constrains development in New Zealand. Read more…


Housing shortage about more than just under-supply

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The growing housing shortage crisis about more than supply and demand- it is about inequity. Read more…


Foreign house buyers drop from 1116 to 183 in a year

via TVNZ

The number of foreigners buying local houses has fallen sharply as restrictions on overseas ownership have hit. Read more…


Government's planned housing and urban development reforms fuel tensions with Auckland Council

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The Auckland Council is continuing to voice its concerns with the Government’s planned housing and urban development reforms. Read more…

Healthy rental homes standards - What are your obligations?

via NZ Herald

In February 2019 it was estimated by the Housing Minister that around 200,000 families lived in rental homes that were not up to standard. Read more...

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