Parity: Responding to Indigenous Homelessness in Australia and New Zealand

Parity is the national publication of the CHP, Victoria’s peak homelessness advocacy body. Parity has been published continuously since 1988, became a National publication in 1998, and each year ten editions are produced, usually between February and November. Each edition of Parity is devoted to the examination and discussion of one of the key themes and issues in the wider discourse of homelessness and in particular, to the policy and service responses to homelessness.

Indigenous people in both Australia and New Zealand people experience homelessness at rates that far exceeds their representation both in the population as a whole and also as a proportion of all people experiencing homelessness. This special joint edition of Parity is dedicated to the examination and discussion of the various policy and practice responses to Indigenous homelessness in Australia and New Zealand, what these responses have in common, where they differ and what can be learned from each other.