Māori Housing Experiences: Emerging Trends and Issues

This study of Māori housing experiences and emerging trends is comprised of four linked and integrated components: literature review; analysis of census data; analysis of data from the Te Hoe Nuku Roa longitudinal study of Māori households, and qualitative fieldwork. The qualitative fieldwork was carried out with Māori householders and key informants in six localities throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. The qualitative sample for the study comprised 70 people, 18 of whom were interviewed individually and 52 of whom participated in 8 focus groups. This executive summary outlines the key findings from all sources of information, the key policy recommendations that are based on those findings, and the recommendations for further research that are suggested by the findings.

The Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit, Research Centre for Māori Health and Development, Massey University, August 2006.