Ruapehu Whānau Transformation Plan

The implementation phase of the Ruapehu Whānau Transformation Plan [RWT] is making positive, sustainable changes for the Ruapehu communities of Raetihi, Ohākune and Waiouru.

Under a Ngāti Rangi led initiative, in July 2013 a number of broad ranging solutions were identified to help improve the wellbeing of the area.

There are five focus areas of importance in the plan. The areas impact on the overall wellbeing of whānau, they are educationemploymenthousinghealth and social. To be thriving across these five areas, is to be thriving in life.

The five focus areas each have two key opportunities for transformation. The opportunities are based on the evidence captured in the Ruapehu Scoping Report and identified as potentially making the greatest positive impact for whānau in Raetihi, Ohākune and Waiouru.

The solutions that sit under each focus area, aim to address both opportunities together. They do this by addressing the complexities of the issues that have created barriers to transformation in the past.