Ki te hau Kāinga Māori Housing Design Guide

This document updates the original 2002 ‘Ki te hau Kāinga’ design guide with some recent examples and references to other design guide information. It is proposed that this document be regularly updated as Māori housing exemplar projects are developed.

Māori are well used to inadequate and culturally insensitive housing solutions. The State Housing stock that soaked up the majority of the post-war Māori urbanisation was a “one size fits all” approach to housing and while generally offering superior accommodation than both the private sector and the rural homes Māori had come from, these dwellings have generally fallen well short of ideal housing solutions for Māori.

What then constitutes an appropriate Māori housing solution? This has been the principle question underlying the development of the following design guide. New housing solutions tailored to the specific needs of Māori communities are fundamental to Māori social, cultural and economic aspirations.