Papakāinga Technical Report for Auckland Council

This Technical Report is provided to key Auckland Council staff involved in the writing of the Auckland Council Unitary plan and includes case studies profiling four Papakāinga developments at Ōrākei, Māngere, Tauranga Moana and Whāngaruru (Northland). The four case studies have been chosen for their diverse locations drawn from urban, periurban, rural and remote coastal settings. The Horaparaikete (Tauranga Moana) and Poike (Whangaruru) papakainga are complete, while Pūkaki (Mangere) will be built this year and the Ōrākei papakāinga is still in the planning phase.

All of the profiled papakāinga involve whānau returning to ancestral lands from periods of occupation in urban and sub-urban settings. While some of the historical disconnection from these sites has been occasioned by a process of ‘urban drift’, in two of the cases legislation has been the root cause of separation from ancestral lands. In two of the cases studies the District plan RMA consent processes together with a lack of Council awareness and cultural sensitivity combined to create challenging processes for whānau to navigate while the other two cases involve District Plan zones which have been customised to the individual papakāinga.

It is hoped that this technical report will assist Auckland Council in ensuring that its Unitary plan provisions will be able to take advantage of ‘best practice’ District Plan provisions from around the motu and be both responsive to, and facilitative of whānau in their papakāinga development processes.