Policy Responses to Māori Urban Homelessness

Author: Jade Kake, Te Matapihi he tirohanga mō te Iwi Trust
Publication Date: September 2016
Published by: Council to Homeless Persons (CHP)

As the National Māori Housing advocacy body, one of Te Matapihi's core functions is to monitor and support the development of government policy. In this article, Jade Kake discusses and expands on policy recommendations made as part of the Cross-Party Homelessness Inquiry hearings, held at Te Puea Marae in August 2016.

This article features in the September 2016 edition of Parity Magazine, the national publication of the Council to Homeless Persons, Victoria’s peak homelessness advocacy body. This special joint edition of Parity, 'Responding to Indigenous Homelessness in Australia and New Zealand' is dedicated to the examination and discussion of the various policy and practice responses to Indigenous homelessness in Australia and New Zealand.