Point England Development Enabling Bill Submission

The purpose of the Bill is to enable housing development on 11.69 hectares of land (the development land) on the Point England Recreation Reserve in Tāmaki in east Auckland. The Point England Recreation Reserve comprises 45.43 hectares, and includes sports fields, a walkway, and other facilities for recreation. A portion of the reserve, of at least 18 hectares, has had very little investment, and public use is restricted as it is fenced for grazing. Auckland Council administers the reserve together with an adjacent Council-owned beach reserve of 2.92 hectares. The land is zoned under the current Auckland district plan and the new Auckland combined plan as Public Open Space.

The development land is Crown-owned but vested in Auckland Council as a recreation reserve under the Reserves Act 1977. The land’s reserve status and zoning mean its use is restricted to reserve activities. The Bill enables housing to be built on development land by creating a new land parcel from within the reserve with separate title, revoking that parcel’s reserve status, setting it apart for State housing purposes, and rezoning it as Residential – Mixed Housing Urban to allow appropriate residential development to occur. The balance of the reserve, 32.92 hectares, will remain as a recreation reserve, as will the Council-owned beach reserve.

The development land will be connected by road to Point England Road and Elstree Avenue, will not encroach on the elevated headland or the eastern sports fields adjacent to the Council-owned beach reserve, and will be set back from Omaru Creek.

The development land adjoins housing owned by the Tāmaki Redevelopment Company that is due for redevelopment as part of the regeneration of the Tāmaki area. A new housing development on the development land will result in new homes being made available that could rehouse existing Tāmaki Redevelopment Company tenants and therefore assist the regeneration. The new housing will also contribute to an increase in housing supply in the local area and Auckland, better utilise Crown land, and provide for mixed communities of social, affordable, and market-value housing in a desirable location near to public transport, with excellent access to the central business district and other employment centres.

The Bill will preserve existing interests in the land (both on the development land and the remainder of the reserve), which will continue on their current terms. These interests include a licence to the Tāmaki Model Aircraft Club and a right of first refusal under the Ngā Mana Whenua o Tāmaki Makaurau Redress Act 2014 and the deed that it gives effect to. After enactment of the Bill, the Crown intends to enter into a contract with a developer to provide housing on the development land that is consistent with the Crown’s Treaty settlement obligations.

To read the proposed bill and for further details please visit the New Zealand Parliament website.