Tauranga National Māori Housing Conference 2016 - Robert Hall (Hawai`i)

Robert J Hall | Native Hawaiian | Aukai Pacific, LLC

Presentation to the National Māori Housing Conference 2016, held in Tauranga Moana

Robert Hall has over 35 years of experience in Hawaii’s Housing Industry. Before retiring from State government in 2011, he last served as the Deputy Director of the Department of Hawaiian Homes Lands, where he worked for over 15 years and is considered an expert on native Hawaiian housing programs, policy development, and overall management. During his tenure, he guided the federally funded Native American Housing and Self Determination Act (NAHASDA) program and implementation of the Native Hawaiian Housing Block Grant (NHHBG), had oversight of the Homestead Services Division, which managed admissions and occupancy and was instrumental in creating the department’s Home Ownership Assistance Program, which prepared native Hawaiians for homeownership. From 1983 to 2003, he served in executive capacities with the Housing and Community Development Corporation and Hawaii Housing Authority. As Acting Executive Director, he was responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of a $1.6 billion corporation that operated over 8,100 rental units State wide, assisted over 4,500 low-income families with rent subsidies and facilitated various State financing and development programs including the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, Rental Housing Trust Fund and Hula Mae Single and Multi-family bond programs.

'Providing Native Hawaiian Housing for the 21st Century' - a presentation on housing in Hawai`i today; the economic and social challenges facing local families seeking home ownership and what is being done to help by local government and the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.